Friday, May 17, 2013

Week 1 (Day 5)

I am so sore from the concert last night. I feel like I can barely move. Willie wants to go to EDC at Citi Field to see if we can catch any of the music, but I'm not so sure about it right now. We have Great Adventure tomorrow, so tonight may turn into cleaning and then relaxing.

Either way, I had a Non-Scale Victory (NSV) this morning. The top I bought a week ago to go to the Biggest Loser Casting in Philly, is a little looser than it was! In just a week. I can't wait to do my measurements Sunday!

Breakfast (100 cal)
Kudos Snickers Bar

Lunch (190 cal)
Nature Valley Oats 'n Honey Bar

Snack (183 cal)
Home made Trail Mix
(craisins, walnuts, pecans)

Dinner (1108 cal)
Cheeseburger w/bun
Broccoli (roasted in oven, meh)
Roasted Potatoes (yummy)

no snack

Water (8 oz)
9 cups  (apparently, I was thirsty)

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