Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ways to Waste Time

 If you haven't noticed, I have a problem with procrastination. And I like to be lazy as I have said before. Just something to entertain youself. MLIA.

I read My Life Is Average on the train going home. I found a way to beat the system. You see, when I am going home, I am underground. Therefore, no signal. What I do is simple:

While I am waiting for a train to arrive, I have signal. I go to MLIA and go to the next page. Usually I can get 10-15 pages before the train comes.

Fast forward to me in my seat. I am reading page 15. And oh lucky day, I hit the back button and page 14 appears like magic! You see, my phone will open a page it has already loaded!!!

Here are a few more pages to waste your time with, Enjoy!

It Made My Day
Dear Girls Above Me
Customers Are Right
People of Walmart
I AM Bored

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