Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Grateful For

Friends. I am really lucky to have a great bunch of people in my life. Here are a few.

Scott's Birthday was Saturday and he invited a bunch of friends, family and co-workers to play in his annual Softball game in Central Park.

I went to do some overtime from 8-2 and Mark picked me up in time to get to the Great Lawn (102nd & 5th) Field 7. It was an absolutely beautiful day.  I sat the game out since I was semi afraid to get hit and hurt my stomach. I definitely had a great time watching everyone.

Not everyone in the pic below played, some were just cheerleaders!

Scott (the bday boy) and his girlfriend:

Me and Mark after he made the GREAT CATCH OF THE DAY as Scott likes to say:

These are pics I stole from Scott.  I have a few on my camera to add later.

All in all it was a perfect day. Even though we got soaked as we were leaving and I totally walked without my flip flops on. I went home and disinfected myself.

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