Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Breaking News.

In light of breaking news, I am slacking on describing the Tennessee trip.
Amber is moving to Jersey. Yes, that’s right. I am about to become the ‘mom’ to a 15 year old girl. I love this kid with all my body (even the parts that have been removed). I love her with my non-existent gallbladder, with the tonsils and appendix that are long gone. That’s how much she means to me.
I am proud of her for realizing that she needed to make a change. She needed to find a way to better her life. A way to avoid following in others footsteps, especially the wrong ones.
She is so mature. I sometimes forget that she is not the little 3 year old that cut her hair under the dining room table and blamed it on the cat. She is a beautiful young woman who is standing up for herself and demanding better.
I just hope that I meet her expectations. This will be my biggest challenge so far. I have one thing to say: BRING IT!

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