Thursday, March 10, 2011

Corporate Consideration Law

I work in a cubicle. I'm ok with it. Really I am. I have cute little decorations so I don't go on a killing spree so it looks nice.

Check out my rubber duckies:

Dude, the far right is a Mets ducky that a co-worker made for me. It's totally bad ass.

To the right of my monitors, I have some cute pictures, a happy face mug to hold my paperclips (because my paper clips need to be happy, DUH), I even have a living bamboo plant. I say living, because I'm not sure if it will survive much longer.

I can deal with a lot. I'm an older sister for goodness. Smelly food in the office, is something I can't deal with. Hot Sauce to be exact. I'm even allergic to oranges and if someone eats one near me, my skin turns pink-ish red and really itchy. I would prefer to be called a color -ish and itchy, then smell hot sauce.

Which prompts me to come up with this: Corporate Consideration Law. If the food smells, eat it somewhere else. According to M, this means that they would have to ban all food from the office. I think he's right. Never gonna happen though. They want me to have my occasional gummy bear, otherwise, I would go postal. But Gummy Bears DO NOT emit any type of odor.

Just think people, think. If it smells, just say no.

(end rant)

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