Friday, February 11, 2011

My Life (Part Three) No Cows this time

My Life (Part Three)
Thankfully this part of my life has nothing to do with being chased by any type of farm animal. I was spared the constant torture of livestock, too bad I couldn’t say the same for the Rednecks.

I got relatively lucky. I moved in December of third grade. I was the new kid. I talked funny because I didn’t say things like y’all, yander or y’ant to? (translation: you want to?) I don’t know how Sha and I became friends as easily as we did, but I’m thankful to have had her. Jenica was also a good friend, but Sha was my best. We made it thorugh together. She understood how much I truly wasn’t happy. I just felt out of place and she was someone I could confide in. Sha and I went through a lot together.

After I finally started to get the hang of country life, my mom had Amber on October 27, 1995. Here’s a disclaimer: I love that girl with all my heart and would run in front of a bus or cut off my leg if it would save her. Hell I’d do both, in the same day. With that being said, I did not adjust to her in the beginning very well.
I was 9, I was used to being the only one. I was just starting to get used to directions like: Drive over the 3rd bridge and make a left at the 5th Oak Tree. To which, I replied something like, ‘How have we lived here for MONTHS and I haven’t seen a bridge? And what the hell does an Oak Tree Look like?’ FYI, they meant the little overpass to the river. And I can proudly say that now I retain the skill to tell you what an Oak Tree is.
I rebelled at school, got in trouble, and my grades suddenly started to drop. I think I may have even had a D or F, but I try to block that out. It took some getting used to, but eventually I really began to settle in again. I got used to the routine. I liked Amber for the most part, and was slowly moving towards being able to go out of my way to interact with her more.
I had my appendix taken out when I was 10. That’s a story for another time, but it ruptured 5 minutes after they removed it, so I’m lucky to be alive.
When I was 11, and Amber was 2, we moved to THE HILL. Basically, we moved to Lockwood way which is THE HILL that David’s family has lived on for easily 30 years. Times were tough on my mom and I. No matter how hard we tried to fit in, we were always going to be different. We knew what it was like to live in a large city with what seemed like the world at your finger tips.
Hornsby Tennessee is like having a mud hole at your beck and call.
More to come…Moving to Florida, back to Tennessee, and then New York again….ahh my nomad ways.

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