Thursday, August 19, 2010

Birthday Love

Well, today is my 24th birthday. It started with a text from my wonderful boyfriend M wishing me a great day, even though I would see him in about 2 hours at work. This was quickly followed by my mommy calling me and singing Happy Birthday to me. It was sweet. I thanked her for going through labor. Makes total sense right? She was there too.

I was also pleasantly surprised when I logged into facebook to find so many friends had sent their wishes my way. The cutest being my younger sister A, wishing me a "Merry Birthday!" Gotta love the squish!

I somehow made myself go to work only to find that Peaches, had left the most glorious surprise on my desk: GUMMY BEARS!!! oh, and flowers, but gummy bears will get you everywhere in my book. I was so touched that it almost brought me to tears.

Check out the pretty flowers:

Look at that Gerber Daisy in all her glory.

Happy Birthday to all the Leo's out there!

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