Monday, June 13, 2011

Koosh Balls

Ok, I'm a kid. I'm almost 25, but I'm basically a child trapped in a body old enough to legally drink.

Enter something I wish I possessed:

Yes, that is the Infamous Koosh Ball.

It goes without saying that I love the "old school" koosh balls. Not the new ones that are, in my opionion, far less superior. I know, getting all high and mighty over a ball made out of rubber bands seems petty, but I don't care. I like the old ones, the ones that were made from thin cuts of rubber not the new ones that are made from devil material. The new ones are too rubbery, I can't explain it. Simply put, if it doesn't look like the picture above (color not dependant) it's not a real koosh ball in my book.

I would very much like one. All this to say, I may be turning 25 on August 19th, but I still wouldn't mind if someone bought me a toy for my birthday!

I can't believe I wrote a post about my preference for koosh balls. I also can't believe I used the word ball(s) a total of SIX times!

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