Thursday, June 30, 2011

Medifast, Week 1

Week 1 Down!!!
I officially need to buy a scale because the scale I was using is broke. But based upon when I weighed myself yesterday, I am down 12 pounds! 12 POUNDS IN 7 DAYS!
Let that sink in, I’ll wait.
Ok. Back? Great.
The main reason I started this diet was to do something about my digestion problems brought on by surgery. I have to tell you, it works. I have slightly cheated, popcorn and breadcrumbs on chicken, but I haven’t felt that gross digestiony feeling that people who have had their gallbladder removed know all to well. I know that 12 pounds in 7 days is a lot and maybe that's why I got sick. I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I hope the weight loss slows down a bit.
The only time I felt a bit gross was after popcorn, but I was home and sick and that was the only thing I had that wouldn’t be straight grease. I also need to find a new "green" because salad is getting a bit old. Quickly.

About the food
I have tried the following:
 **Caution, the food rarely comes out looking like it did online**

My theory is if you add a bunch of ice to the shakes, they’re not too shabby. I still haven’t nailed down the consistency of the pudding, but it makes a really thick shake if you screw up (which I totally did) so I threw it in the freezer and it was really good. The cappucino was really good too.
I’ll do a review of all the food later, but I think I may keep this up. I am feeling really tired and headachey, but that’s to be expected. I never really found myself super starving. I have realized that I need to do my Lean & Green for dinner instead of lunch and this may help with some of the hunger issues.
My new goal is to do this for 1 week with no cheating. Starting Tuesday that is. The 4th is Monday and I may have a cookie or something. Like I said before, my goal is to feel better and help my digestion. Losing weight is a fringe benefit.

I’ll get there. And I’ll buy a new scale.

*Disclaimer: I paid for Medifast myself and am in no way compensated for my review. My thoughts are my own, believe me. Although, if they want to sponsor me, I'm game.

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