Thursday, May 16, 2013


Amber and I went to see Paramore at the Hamerstein Ballroom! Doors opened at 6:30. When we got there, the line was completely around the block. It was nuts. People had been waiting in line since 7 AM. Thank goodness the line moved fast and we were in at 7:20.

Side note: I have a slight love of the old water towers that are on NYC rooftops.

And waiting gave me a few minutes to snap some touristy photos, like this one of the New Yorker sign...

...and the Empire State Building.

Spoiler Alert: Blurry, obligatory, concert photos ahead.

Kitten opened at 8.

They were ok.
Paramore was on around 9. It was an awesome concert.


I had fun. Now on to EDC at Citi Field and listen from the parking lot Friday :)

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