Monday, May 13, 2013

Week 1 (Day 1)

I decided to track my workouts here. I walk everyday for minimum 1 mile since I take the train home, but I don't think I'm gonna journal that if it's all I do that day. I think this will help me long term. I'll be able to see patterns and diagnose any plateaus as they happen. (Plus, I'm neurotic and this is my life lol)

I guess yesterday was Week 1 Day 1. That's how I'll keep track maybe. Who knows, I could change my mind.

In addition to my 1 mile walk home from the train, I went on a 2.5 mile walk with Sammy last night.

I let him lead the way, stopping a bit when he needed to, which made for an interesting looking route! I would have gone faster, but I'm actually quite glad he was there to slow me down a bit.
I took some pictures during our walk:

I had to run into Key Foods for mushrooms for dinner, or it would have read 2.5 miles. I enjoyed it, and I think Sammy did too!

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