Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Week 1 (Day 3)

Today was awesome! I started using the My Fitness Pal app that Kim suggested. I really like it. It keeps track of EVERYTHING. I made some smarter choices because of it. Only draw back, I wish there was an option to not have the exercise calories added into the daily allowance. Other than that, it rocks!

I did a 2 mile walk with Sammy at 7PM. I chose the route this time, so it wasn't as wonky.

 I'm really proud of myself today. I was really tired and sore, but I knew it had to be done. I walked with my new shoes, which started to hurt around the 1 mile mark. I wanted to slow down while doing my "hills," but I pushed through. Thank goodness for music!

I came home and hopped in a really hot shower. It felt so good to feel my muscles relaxing. I really need to figure out a post workout stretch routine. Especially since my calf muscles have been so tight lately.

After the shower was dinner, some tv, and sleep by 10PM.

What I ate:

Breakfast (140 cal)
1 cup Cantelope & 1 cup Honeydew

Lunch (470 cal)
 Tuna Sandwich

After workout snack (45 cal)
1/2 chewy oatmeal raisin bar

Dinner (1225 cal)
Taco Salad* (cheese and sour cream)
*I made it on a bed of lettuce and only crumbled 3 chips on top.

1 mile walk from train (200 cal)
2 mile walk in park (600 cal)

This was my first day and I definitely hit my goal for the day. I also learned a few things. I need to incorporate a few more snacks during the day, and have a lighter calorie dinner. Especially on rest days.

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